(a) A parent must complete the relevant form for admission. The parents must be given whatever assistance they may require to complete the form.

b) When the parent applies for admission at entrance level he must present an official birth certificate of the learner to the principal. If the parent is unable to submit the birth certificate, the learner may be admitted conditionally until a copy of the birth certificate is obtained. The parent must ensure that the admission of the learner is finalized within three months of conditional admission.

(c) On application the parent must show proof that the learner has been immunized against the following communicable diseases: Polio, Measles,Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Hepatitis B. If a parent is unable to show proof of immunization, the principal must advice the parent to have the learner immunized within 14 days of the child being admitted.

(d) If the learner comes from another school a transfer card as well as the most recent report card of the learner must be submitted. If neither of these documents can be produced, the parent must submit a written affidavit stating the reason for not having the transfer card and / or swearunder oath in which grade the learner was before he left his previous school.

NB : Documentation showing signs of erasure or which have been altered in any way will not be accepted.